Textos de Regne Unit

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Dear parents,
We are writing to tell you about our experience in the Salesians Summer Camp.
We are so excited about all the trips and activities that we are going to do during the summer
This week we pretended to be British and we tasted their typical dishes and we even played
cricket. Also, we have been going to the swimming pool every day and today we are going to
Barcelona on a guide tour to learn more things about the city
We are really enjoying this experience.
Júlia, Sara and Paula


One day of Summer, the Salesians Summer Camp went on a school trip to Barcelona. Firstly, all
the boys and girls went to the train station and a few minutes later they arrived to their
When they arrived in Barcelona, the station was closed, and they couldn´t find their way out.
All the students started to get scared and the teachers tried to call the school but they couldn´t
get telephone coverage.
The students tried to think of ideas to escape. Sometime later, four friends found a key and a
closed door, they attempted to open the door with the key. At the beginning it seemed
impossible, but a few minutes later… they made it! While they were walking, they found
another door, but it wasn´t a normal door it was a trap door and they fell down.
Suddenly, a strange thing happened, all the students woke up from a nightmare.

Laia, Joan, Alba and Olivia


The film “V for Vendetta” was directed by James Mc Teiguel, and it is based on a DC comic. It
was released on 7th April 2006. It is paired to different genres, such as action, suspense and
science fiction.
The story begins in London with our main character, V, lead by Hugo Weaving and Evey, the
secondary character lead by Natalie Portman. Evey is a woman who was going to be murdered,
but then V saves her life because he loves her secretly. Throughout the film V’s main aim is to
destroy the Houses of the Parliament, but the mystery is not revealed until the end of the film.
It’s a film that has thriller and drama moments like in the comic. The aim of the film is to show
us that we have another personality inside. This aim depends on V and the London citizens.
If you like adventure, thriller, romantic moments and you like the power of the word this film
is for you.

Ivette, Mariona and Moisés


Peix & Chips is an incredible British restaurant located in 50 Cuba Street, in the city of
Mataró, Barcelona. We, the Salesians Summer Camp, were there the 28 of June 2018.
We went to that place because we have been studying everything about the UK and it
was a good chance to learn a bit more about its gastronomy.
We started eating some salad and chips with two special sauces, both dishes were the
main starters. When we finished, we ate different kinds of fish: anchovies, “sonsos”,
European squid and cod. We liked them so much, because we are fish-lovers and
inPeix & Chips they cook it very, very well!
We enjoyed our meal surrounded by typical maritime and cosy style decor while sitting
in high stools and having barrels as tables. We have to say that neither the decor nor
the service impressed us much, but what we disliked the most was the background
English music.
Overall, we would highly recommend this restaurant as it serves delicious and
relatively inexpensive British food. We were pleasantly surprised by the quick service
they offer. If you love fish, you should give it a try.

Laura, Carme, Nada and Insaf